Rev. Dr. William F. (Chip) Summers

   Worship Service: 11:00am, Sunday, March 1, 2020

       Sermon:  "The Parables of Jesus: The Sower"
                              Scripture:  Mark 4:1-9




 At its meeting on Sunday, February 16, the Session passed the following motion,  “That the Session  instruct the Nomination Committee to recruit  five people to act as a Pulpit Nominating Committee for the  purpose of seeking an installed pastor.”

        After much prayer and deliberation, the Session believes it is time to step out in faith and return our church to the position of having its own installed pastor. There are several steps involved in the process OF which you will want to be aware.

·       When the Nominating Committee has recruited a slate of five people, a congregational meeting will be called to elect a Pulpit Nominating Committee. Those five names will be placed in nomination and the floor will be opened for further nominations. When the nominations cease, five will be elected.

·       Before starting their search, the PNC will hold several congregational gatherings to ask the congregation what talents and abilities they want in a pastor. Presbytery will send representatives to help with this process. With the congregation’s advice and consent, the PNC will create a profile of the person they are seeking.

·       Once the PNC is elected, the Session has no further input into their activities. A PNC is a congregational committee and reports only to the congregation at a formally called congregational meeting. Their activities and deliberations are to remain secret during their search.

·       When the search is complete and they are ready to present a name, a congregational meeting will be called and the PNC will present a name to be voted on.

The decision to seek an installed pastor now is an act of faith. It shows our confidence that God has a future for this church in the days and years ahead. We are stepping out into the unknown believing that God will guide our journey.                                   
                                                                            Dr. Chip


                      March 5        Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church

                      March 12      Palmetto Presbyterian Church

                      March 19      Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church

                      March 26      Sunrise Presbyterian Church

                       April 2           Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church

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    Al Eads Bible Study began with the first Session on September 17th at 10:30.  The topic was the 31 Prophecies of the Apocalypse Utilizing  The Book of Signs  Study Guide prepared   by Dr. David Jeremiah as a guide.  The thirty-one undeniable prophesies are found throughout God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation.  Particular emphasis will be given to the study of the Book of Daniel and the Book of Ezekiel  in the Old Testament then the Words of Jesus as found in the Gospels and Acts followed by writings of Paul and concluding in the Spring with a look at Revelation.

    Each Session of the study includes Scriptures, an overview of Dr. Jeremiah’s teaching on the topic, followed by questions to help each of us to delve into the Bible further and a Did You Know point of interest that will entice you to look further.

There were no  meetings in December. Tentative dates in 2020 are Wednesday, January 15th, Tuesday, February 18th, Wednesday, March 18th, Tuesday, April 14th, and, Wednesday, May 13th. 

ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS - Meets at 9:45am each Sunday.  


Two new members have joined YPPC in 2020.