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 Some consider “super heroes” to be merely a comic book lark, But we have a true super-hero right her at Yeamans Park.

She was DCE – now CNC, but titles can’t truly express Her dedication to this congregation, which she serves with such willingness.

She plans and she dreams – at times even schemes

To implement projects worthwhile. She’ll work day and night to render it right.  She will always go that extra mile.

She is with the STEPS program, serves the Hands of Christ Committee. That there is only one of her is often deemed a pity.  When someone is in need, she is always right there, With true Christian devotion, she will work to repair The trials and troubles that bother the soul, She picks up broken pieces and reconstitutes the whole.

Her Bible School sessions were a summer sensation,

But when they were over – no time for vacation.

She’d round up her posse and load up each car,

Taking so many children, so very far.

And despite all the cramming, complaining and heat,

She would get them to Thornwell, Bethelwoods, and Montreat.

She sings in the choir, is handbell director,

and in her grand office – Food Pantry Inspector.

She’s our beacon- our strength through the hustle and bustle.  Our church super-hero

AKA Martha Trussell

Thank you, Martha Trussell,

for 20 years of dedicated service

 To Yeamans Park Presbyterian Church


June 9, 2019 Sermon
I Corinthians 12:4-13


          Today is Pentecost Sunday, the fiftieth day after the resurrection, the day when the church was born by the pouring out of God powerful presence. The church becomes the church by virtue of the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit is not present, the gathering, no matter how religious, is not the authentic living body of Christ. When we gather to sing our hymns and say our prayers, it is the Holy Spirit that makes them acceptable to God. It is important to know that the Spirit will not accept and respond to any motivation other than the praise and honor of God. John Calvin believed that any good thing that happens in worship is the work of the Holy Spirit.

          There is no other doctrine in Christianity that has a wider variety of interpretation that that of the Holy Spirit. In some traditions, the presence of the Holy Spirit is seen in speaking in tongues, shouting and fainting fits. For others, the presence of the spirit is found in a transcendent experience of inwardness, a kind of out-of-body experience. Perhaps the strangest belief concerning the spirit was in the snake-handling churches of eastern Kentucky. The gospel of Luke says that one of the signs given to the disciples is that they will be able to handle poisonous snakes safely. In the 1930’s, a man named George Hensley had a vision that told him he should take the verse literally and subsequently started a new Pentecostal church based on snake-handling. I tell you the truth, if snake handling was a requirement of Christianity, I would be, as we say now, “highly conflicted.” The movement has since died out. (!)

           Paul begins by emphasizing that the gifts of the spirit are given for the good of all. If a particular action is not for the greater good of the church, then it is not of the spirit. Television evangelists who claim to be able to heal, but who use the claim for personal aggrandizement are not of the spirit. I got an advertisement the other day for a program that would revitalize the church. It was a couple of CD's and a hand book. I could revitalize the church for the paltry sum of $1,599.00. The Holy Spirit is not given for the benefit of one, but for the good of all. The human spirit can corrupt even the best of gifts. We may become proud of our humility, what appears to be generosity may only be self-serving, and what appears to be spirituality may just be religious arrogance.

       What then of Paul's list? It includes those who have wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, speaking in tongues, interpreting tongues, and miracles. The Holy Spirit can manifest itself in any way that brings new life to the church and its members. Have I ever seen the Holy Spirit at work? 0 yes, I think so.

·        During 1986 and into 1987, my struggles with depression reached a crescendo. It was the most critical turning-point in my life. There were many who turned away, but a few who drew close and more than once, the right person appeared in my life at just the moment I needed them. I couldn’t see it at the time, but looking back from a distance, I believe the Holy Spirit was providing the people I needed to find the future. They used the gifts the Spirit had given them for my well-being.

·       I know several who have been crushed by grief, immobilized by a loss too great to bear. I remember particularly the wife of one of my colleagues whose mother and sister were killed in a car wreck.  My friend served a small, country church where relationships were close knit and concern ran deep. The church gathered round and cried with them, prayed with them, fed them, and loved them. Together, they prayed to God for help and he answered their prayers. That is the Holy Spirit at work.

·       I had a church member who had COPD and had been put on a ventilator. After weeks of gradually being weaned off the ventilator, he was finally able to breathe on his own. He was getting ready to leave the hospital when his lungs failed. He was forced back on the ventilator and told he would never be off of it. He refused to live that way and, using a yellow pad, he gave us instructions. At an appointed time, his family gathered around his bed. I offered a prayer. The family joined hands with him in a circle of love and sang “Blessed Be the Tie that Binds.” He smiled at his family and nodded to the doctor who turned off the ventilator. Quickly and quietly, he became a member of the church triumphant. I think that was the first time I understood what Paul meant when he said we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. The Holy spirit was part of the circle that day.

I know a church that has the strangest custom of spending months gathering children’s clothing. They act like hoarders as they run in and out and shop sales and fill boxes with socks, underwear, shirts, pants, all kinds of things. They go into worship and wave underwear in the air! They get really excited about all of this and then on a particular day, they call in children from all over and give it all away. What an amazing thing to do. There is so much joy, laughter, and gratitude that day, it must be the presence of the Holy Spirit.


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