There is something I’ve been missing in my interactions with the congregation. I call it Lunch Bunch. For many years, I had the habit of meeting with church members each Wednesday at noon to go over the prayer list and to talk about the worship for the following Sunday. I would bring the text and sermon title and ask, “What do you see in this passage? How has it impacted your life?” Some of the best stories and illustrations I know have come out of these gatherings. (There is another value. If I tell the group what I’m thinking and they go glassy-eyed, I know I’m on the wrong track!)

I keep the gathering as simple as possible. We brown bag a lunch and B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bible). If someone needs a ride, we can arrange it. We begin at noon and finish at one. I suggest we begin on September 5th, the Wednesday after Labor Day, and go from there.

Please consider joining me for lunch on Wednesdays. It is a delightful hour and a time to which I look forward.

                                                                                             Dr. Chip




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Sermon: “What Do These Stories Mean?”   

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