Jonah in February                       

I’ve never had a very good attitude about February. After the excitement of Advent/Christmas and before the anticipation of Lent/Easter, stuck in the middle, is this little, cold, dull, nothing month. So, I’m determined that this year I will improve my attitude.

I have always found the little book of Jonah to be particularly delightful, interesting, and relevant. Jonah is a comic character used to question our attitudes about the love of God for foreigners. It is also a vivid account of how God deals with humanity, what he expects and how he gets it. I’m going to take the four chapters of the book and examine them one at a time through the four Sundays of February. It will go something like this:

          Feb.3,   Chapter 1 – Jonah’s Problem (Being at Odds with God)

          Feb.10, Chapter 2 – Jonah’s Prayer (Living in Chaos)

          Feb.17, Chapter 3 – Jonah’s Pride (Knowing More than God)

          Feb.24, Chapter 4 – Jonah’s Predicament (Life without Hope)

I am excited that I have solved my problem with February, at least for this year. I hope you will join us in worship and follow the adventures of Jonah.

                                                                                                    Dr. Chip

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Sermon:  "Jonah’s Pride:  Knowing More than God"

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