Message from Jim Frye, Hands Of Christ Operations Manager:“If all our sites were as enthusiastic, well prepared, and focused on success as Yeamans Park, we'd have done 6,000 kids this year.  It is so wonderful to be able to work with you all. Congratulations on your success and the huge help you all were, not only at your site, but others as well.   thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU.”

"You are the light of the world.  In the same way, let your light shine before others,so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in Heaven."- Matthew 5:14,16


You Are Needed in Worship

       Most of the time, we go to worship because we need something. We need to feel the encouragement of God in our lives as we face the challenges life presents. Perhaps it is the presence of illness, concern for a loved one, financial insecurity, or dread of the future that drives us to worship.  We come to worship because we need the hymns and prayers and scripture to shore up our faith that God is aware of our needs and cares.

       Sometimes we need to worship because we need to say thank you, thank you to God for danger averted, unexpected success, joy in our loved ones, or simply for the wonder of being alive in a beautiful and fulfilling world. The best worship is praise to God for his unbroken faithfulness and constant grace in our lives.

       But there is one more reason to be in worship. Each of us has something to give every other person present. By being in worship, we express our faith and our witness encourages everyone else. We add our voice to the affirmations of God’s power and goodness and by doing so, shore up everyone present.  I notice the excitement in the church when we greet each other during the passing of the peace. Having those around you say how glad they are to see you and welcome to the newcomers lifts everybody’s spirits. And no one else can do that for you! The buzz of conversation during the fellowship time tells me people are glad to see each other. If you are not there, the happiness is less than it would be if you were present. Each of us is an irreplaceable part of the whole.

       We need you in worship. I need for you to be in worship and everyone else in the church needs you as well. You are an essential part of Sunday mornings and we look forward to seeing YOU there.

                                                                                                      Dr. Chip


Welcome to YPPC!
5931 North Murray Dr.
Hanahan, SC  29410
Telephone # (843) 744-2268

Rev. Dr. William F. (Chip) Summers

Worship Service, 11:00am, Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sermon:  "God of the Earthquake and Storm"  

Scripture:  Job 38: 1-7,  John 9: 1-9

Sunday School: 10:00am 

Fellowship following the  Worship Service in Memorial Hall.     


will be our


  As you arrive for worship, please stop at the tables under the breeze way and get a name tag from your Shepherding Group.  Prior to September 10th you will receive a phone call from your “shepherd” to let you know which Shepherding Group you are in – Pink, Blue, or Yellow.  After worship we will gather in the Fellowship Hall for lunch and sit with our Shepherding Group.  Through our Shepherding program, we hope to keep in touch and care for one another, especially when there is a sickness, death, or other need.

Meets Sundays at  9:45am and Tuesdays at 10am.  See details on the Monthly News & Updates page of this website.