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For over a year now, the church has been entertaining the possibility of forming a Pulpit Nominating Committee to seek a full time, installed pastor. As a further step in that process, the Session is inviting the congregation to a meeting to discuss the issue and get the congregation’s input before a decision is made. 

A meeting was held at fellowship hall at 10:00 AM on Saturday, January 12, to discuss the pros and cons of seeking a full-time pastor. A fact sheet outlining the church’s financial position and its obligations if a pastor is called was distributed and explained. There was an open discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of calling a pastor. 

The church has made wonderful advances in its programs and ministries over the last six years. The question before us now is whether it is time to take the next step and reclaim the leadership of an installed pastor. Please be faithful in two ways in this circumstance. First, ask God what is his will, and second, attend the meeting. 

 Dr. Chip


      Have you ever heard a wonderful sermon and thought “I want to read the rest of that chapter or book of the Bible she was talking about”? Or, have you ever been in a conversation and thought “I am sure there is a scripture passage that would apply to this”? Or have you ever just thought that it would be good for me to sit down and read the Bible?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the Christian Education committee has just the opportunity for you.

Beginning on January 1, 2020, we will be reading the Bible in 90 days(or 180 days, for  those who want to take a bit more time) and all are encouraged to make this challenge your New Year’s resolution for 2020.

      A 2004 Gallup survey found that only 37% of teenagers could identify a quote from the “Sermon on the Mount.” A 2007 TIME magazine cover story reported that only half of U.S. adults were able to name one of the Gospels. 

      Neglect of God’s Word is so widespread that a whopping 90% of Christians have never read through the entire Bible! While a majority of Americans claim to be Christian, only 10% have actually read the Bible from cover-to-cover. The life-giving power of Scripture is missing from Christians in general. Too spiritually weak to stand against worldly temptations, they fail to follow biblical norms for holy and happy living. Here are just a few of the benefits of reading the Bible in 90 days:

1.      A deepened relationship with God.       

2.      It’s a Bible reading program, not a study: no doctrinal controversies.

3.      Gain Biblical knowledge and understanding that builds confidence and faith.

4.      It’s 90 days (not a year), which helps participants remember to connect key historical persons, events, and more from Genesis to Revelation.

5.      B90 groups build relationships, which contributes to a higher success rate of completing the readings.

6.      Transformational: it’s God’s Word! 

Please consider joining this journey. There will be weekly opportunities to discuss what we have read, and if you would like to have a copy of the Bible with the starting and stopping points for each day marked, please let Lynn M. or Mary Mena K. know, and one can be purchased for you for less than $20.

The specific schedules and Bible references are on the Worship page of this website.   

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    Al Eads Bible Study began with the first Session on September 17th at 10:30.  The topic was the 31 Prophecies of the Apocalypse Utilizing  The Book of Signs  Study Guide prepared   by Dr. David Jeremiah as a guide.  The thirty-one undeniable prophesies are found throughout God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation.  Particular emphasis will be given to the study of the Book of Daniel and the Book of Ezekiel  in the Old Testament then the Words of Jesus as found in the Gospels and Acts followed by writings of Paul and concluding in the Spring with a look at Revelation.

    Each Session of the study includes Scriptures, an overview of Dr. Jeremiah’s teaching on the topic, followed by questions to help each of us to delve into the Bible further and a Did You Know point of interest that will entice you to look further.

There were no  meetings in December. Tentative dates in 2020 are Wednesday, January 15th, Tuesday, February 18th, Wednesday, March 18th, Tuesday, April 14th, and, Wednesday, May 13th. 

ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS - Meets at 9:45am each Sunday.  


Eleven new members joined YPPC in 2019.