Reaching Our Community

  Hands of Christ:

It’s been a great blessing for so many of us at YPPC to serve as the Hands of Christ for the past six years as we worked together to help hundreds of children get ready for the new school year. Some of you have expressed regret that we were unable to hold the event this year, especially at a time when the need is greater than ever. 

 We’ve been in touch with our two local elementary schools to determine how we can still help, even on a much smaller basis. We’ve learned that there’s a need at the schools for large book bags, pencil pouches, ear buds, and some school supplies. However, since we didn’t have the Hands of Christ Special Offering this spring, we lack funding to meet the requests from the schools. Please consider a donation to “Hands of Christ” in support of the needed purchases. If you prefer to help by donating a book bag or other items, these can be dropped off at the church. 

 Hopefully, by next August, we can once again serve as a Hands of Christ distribution site and safely welcome hundreds of families back to our church for this special event! 


 While far from a complete list, the following will give you an idea of the vast number of items that were added to the pantry from mid-June through July:

·        Grains (breads, cereal, crackers, grits, oatmeal) – 188 boxes/bags

·        Starches (pasta, potatoes, rice) – 66 items

·        Soups – 76 cans

·        Proteins (beans, fish, meats, peanut butter) – 213 items

·        Vegetables - 302 cans

·        Fruit – 185 items

·        Condiments (dressings, jelly, ketchup, mayo, mustard, pickles, syrup) – 90 items

·        Baking (boxed mixes) – 29 boxes

·        Beverages – (juice, shelf milk, tea bags) – 88+ items

·        Toiletries – (body wash, conditioner, deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc.) – 239+ items

·        Toilet Tissue – 66 rolls

These items were either donated or purchased with monetary donations from our congregation.

YPPC’s pantry served 26 people in January and 34 people in February. In March, we “closed” the pantry and began packing food bags for our patrons. We are now serving 87-90 people per month. Your generous donations of food items and money have made it possible for us to meet the increased needs of many in our local community. We continue to receive donations from others in the community who also want to help.



We recently received a “surprise” donation of $200!  City Police Officers who participated in “No Shave November” were allowed to continue not shaving for several months longer if they wanted to contribute bi-weekly via donations and keep their beards for a while longer.  We’re very grateful that our pantry was chosen as a beneficiary of this fundraiser.



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