Reaching Our Community


Food Pantry – As the only pantry in Hanahan, we have a wonderful opportunity to not only help the hungry in our community with food but to also let our neighbors know that YPPC cares about them. Monthly phone calls and text messages are filled with thanks and appreciation for what our church is doing. Thank you for your continued financial support and the donations of food and toiletries. 

A weekly updated list of needed items is available. Please call 843 452-4492 if you need this information. (We are no longer in need of brown paper bags, thanks to the overwhelming response!)

Hands of Christ – Our regular HOC project will not be held this year. We are, however, hopeful that we
will be able to provide help to those children in greatest need in our local schools.


     Less than six months ago, our Food Pantry was overflowing with food and toiletries. The pantry shelves,
storage cabinets and closet were all full, with additional boxes on hand to re-stock. In past years, this would have
carried us through mid-summer.
     Yet, after our first“ Pandemic Food Distribution”, we were suddenly running low on many of the pantry staples.
Adding to this was the loss of weekly “Item of the Month” donations from our congregation, monthly donations of
toiletries from our Scrapbookers, and monthly food donations from the Cobblestone Quilters.
     At a time when we were all asked to “Stay Home”, we suddenly needed more donations and shoppers – and
lots of brown paper bags! Fortunately, in spite of the stay at home order, some members of our congregation
and others from the community stepped forward to help by dropping off food donations, offering to shop, helping
to pack bags, or delivering food bags.
     Thanks to the many YPPC helpers: Kim and Blake, Sandra and her sister Gin, Mary Mena, Beth ,Terri, Kristi,  Denny, and Liam and Ellie. Matt came to the rescue and did “major shopping” for the pantry last week and helped replenish our stock for the next distribution. Thanks also to our community helpers. Hanahan Mayor Christi Rainwater not only volunteered to deliver food but also posted a video highlighting YPPC’s Food Pantry and outreach to the community. Members of Highland Park Baptist
donated food and cleaning supplies, and members of Restoration Church volunteered to deliver food bags. Katie, the new Montessori School Director, offered to shop for the much-needed toiletries. If you are one of our anonymous donors who has left food on the cart or made a financial donation to the food pantry, please know it’s greatly appreciated.
     Since we are no longer opening the weekly pantry, all food items have been moved from the shelves in
Martha’s office to the tables in the large Sunday school room. Instead of our usual “Client Choice” model, where
patrons come in and choose their food, we are now choosing food for them based on their preferences. Each
patron receives a phone call to assess their current needs such as additional family members in the home, loss
of a job resulting in no income, lack of transportation, or living without a stove. (Yes, one of our patrons only has
a microwave.) During the phone calls, patrons are asked for any food preferences. Many of them say “Anything.”
In addition to receiving food, they seem to really appreciate the phone calls and the opportunity to talk.
     The 2010 Census shows that 17.4% of people in our community live below the poverty line. In light of the
current situation with job losses, food stamp cuts, etc., it’s easy to think that the percentage is greatly increased
and the need for food assistance is greater than ever. Based on phone conversations, there is no doubt this is
an especially difficult time for many of our families. Like many of us, they are stressed about the Pandemic, but
they are also worrying about food on the table, a broken-down car, detergent (or quarters) to do their laundry,
     YPPC’s pantry is called an Emergency Food Pantry and was intended to only supplement what people
already had. At this time, our pantry is “all” that some people have!
     To meet the need, each family is receiving twice the usual amount of food items plus extras. The food bags
are filled with cereal, oatmeal or grits, Jiffy mix, crackers, peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti noodles and sauce,
mac and cheese, rice, instant potatoes, assorted soups, chili, canned chicken, tuna, corned beef, assorted beans
and vegetables, fruits, mayo, mustard, ketchup, toiletries, and, hopefully, a few extras including snacks for
children, detergent, juice, bread, and toilet tissue.
     We are serving approximately 23 families (80 people) on a regular basis. That does not include food bags
that we provide to the Hanahan Police Department for families (48 people) or for the homeless. “Word of mouth”
will likely bring us more patrons in the weeks ahead. We do not “advertise” the pantry simply because we may
not be able to serve everyone who responds. However, if someone reaches out to us, we will definitely provide
them with a bag of food.
     If you are reading this and want to help, please consider a financial donation to the pantry. This will allow us to continue to restock and be ready for the next distributions. We do not want anyone to risk their safety and go out to shop. However, if you are already out shopping and want to add something to your cart for the pantry, these are some of the items that we always need: Crackers, Detergent, Egg Noodles, Fruit, Hand Soap (liquid), Jelly, Juice, Meats (canned), Peanut Butter, Rice, Salmon (canned), Shelf or Powdered Milk, and Toilet Tissue. Please call the church office if you want to drop off items at the door or have someone come to your car. If you need someone to pick up items at your house, just leave a message at the church.
     Food insecurity and hunger are very real problems, even in Hanahan. The Food Pantry provides a way for
our church to reach out into the community and help those less fortunate. Your donations and contributions are
sincerely appreciated.


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