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posted Nov 1, 2020, 11:49 AM by YPPC Admin

All the old pews were removed from the sanctuary at Park Circle so that we could have a multi-purpose space for meetings and worship. We are ordering 200 chairs and are giving churches and members of the presbytery an opportunity to “give a chair/chairs in honor or memory of someone special in your church, maybe the pastor, a favorite Sunday school teacher, or a loved one. The chairs are $40 each.  For example, Barry van Deventer baptized our daughter Jennifer as a baby, and he was also responsible for me going to seminary, so I am buying a chair in his memory. Walter Hickman was the pastor at Yeamans Park when I joined the church, so I am buying a chair in his memory.  We all have special people in the presbytery who have had an impact on our faith journey. We will have a special board listing all the honorariums and memorials. Please send your check to the presbytery office with the name/names of the person you are honoring. Thank you for your participation.        

 BLESSINGS, Mike Fitze, Park Circle Commission, chair


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