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Greetings in the name of Christ dear friends:

Holy Week 2021 is almost here. Last year this time we were all quite
focused on COVID-19 and the shutdown of the world for weeks and
months and now a year! Easter 2021 is almost here. Are you ready
to celebrate – hopefully with family/friends around the Easter
dinner table?

Your church has been planning for Holy Week for a couple of
months now and you will have the opportunity to see and
experience what they have planned beginning this Sunday, Palm
Sunday, March 28th. Set up in the church Fellowship Hall will be the
Stations of the Cross for you to explore at your own pace.
Fellowship Hall will be open during office hours Monday-Friday 9-
2:30. Please wear your mask and observe social distancing while

Some of you may be saying – “Just what is the stations of the
cross?” It is fairly new for us reformed Presbyterians but not new
at all to others. Since the earliest days of the church, Christians have
held holy sites where our Lord lived, ministered, and died in high
esteem. As early as the 4th century churches were built on the hill
of Golgotha and procession between them occurred on certain

Born from those making spiritual journeys to the Holy Land, the
Stations of the Cross is a way to make that journey locally. There
are 14 stations in all and you may spend as little or as much time as
you would like at each station reflecting on what is depicted. This
is a powerful way to contemplate and enter into the mystery of
Jesus’ gift of himself to us. I pray you will visit and feel the love of
Christ through this experience.
Pastor Mary

New Pastor Information

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YPPC Welcomes Our Interim Pastor 
Mary Robinson
Dear Friends:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I can’t believe 2021 is almost here – finally! I think all of us are excited about the possibilities and opportunities the New Year will bring! Hopefully the end of the Corona virus COVID 19 will come shortly in to 2021.

For me it will be indeed a new beginning – serving as your interim pastor until your new full-time pastor is called! I am thrilled that your interim pastor committee, your session, as well as the Charleston Atlantic Presbytery have approved the call and together for such a time as this we will begin the New Year in service to our Lord!

After retiring from First (Scots) Presbyterian Church where I served for 12 years as the Director of Educational Ministries, my husband, Greg, and I moved to Highland County Virginia for 3 years, returning to the Low Country last year. I enjoyed preaching at several small country Presbyterian Churches including one in Monterey, Va., one in McDowell, Va., and one in Deerfield, Va. I had been ordained as a Lay Pastor (commissioned ruling elder) before moving to Va.

Our daughter and son and their families live in the Low Country as well and we wanted to be close to them so we moved to Daniel Island one year ago in Dec. 2019 getting settled about the time Covid-19 shut so much of our world down.

We have constantly reminded ourselves and others that we have to maintain our “faith over fear” and are reminded that the Bible tells us to “fear not” or “do not be afraid” more than 365 times – one for every day of the year!

Looking forward to getting to know you all very soon!

Blessings and Peace,
Mary Robinson
Phil 1:3

Loaves & Fishes Congregation Report

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The Loaves and Fishes would like to thank the congregation and friends of YPPC for your support of our Holiday Bread Sale in December 2020.  147 loaves were sold.  We have made the following decisions for use our funds:

·        previously funded the purchase of 3 shelving units for the relocated and renovated YPPC Food Pantry at a cost of $200,

·        made a $500 donation to Aldersgate Methodist Church for their Warming Shelter which is the only one in the Hanahan/North Charleston area,

·        will purchase a refrigerator/freezer for the YPPC Food Pantry and have designated about $1000 for it,

·        will fund the removal of stumps in Ginny’s Garden and around all church buildings at a cost of about $1000, and

·     will fund the purchase of shelving units for use in the Hands of Christ storage area at a cost of about $200.

 Again, we thank you for your support.  Without you we could not help fulfill the mission of YPPC: “Glorify God,


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 Recently I looked through my 2020 calendar and it was pretty empty after March 15 until I noticed PNC ZOOM meetings popping up every Wednesday.  Our one-year anniversary on June 18 is still over two months away!  On that date in 2020 we met for the first time with Rev. Donnie R. Woods, the Charleston Atlantic Presbyter, for training. Donnie told us that a PNC typically works between 9 months and 3 1/2 years!  In the past, YPPC PNCs have spent about two years searching for a pastor. 

 The PNC started working on June 24 and spent the next 2 3/4 months preparing the church’s Ministry Information Form (MIF).  Creating this form is like painting…it’s all in the preparation.  Do the prep and the rest of the job will be easier with better results.

 The PNC began receiving Personal Information Forms (PIFs) in mid-October and to date the committee has reviewed approximately 150. 

 God’s timing is at work.  And that timing must be right for both the church and the pastor.  Your PNC is determined not to “settle” for a pastor just to have someone fill the pulpit and the pastor’s study.  You elected us and charged us with a task that is too important to just “settle”!  We’re looking for the right person to welcome into the YPPC church family; someone who will be here for several years. 

 I copied this from a recent devotional… “God spoke from heaven and commanded the disciples to listen to Jesus.  When we actively listen, we don’t simply hear the Spirit speaking into our hearts, but we respond to what we hear.  We are in humble obedience and follow in trust, because the Light of the World leads us.” 

 Trust…obedience…actively listening to and responding to God…your PNC is very busy!

 Karen C.,

PNC Moderator


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All the old pews were removed from the sanctuary at Park Circle so that we could have a multi-purpose space for meetings and worship. We are ordering 200 chairs and are giving churches and members of the presbytery an opportunity to “give a chair/chairs in honor or memory of someone special in your church, maybe the pastor, a favorite Sunday school teacher, or a loved one. The chairs are $40 each.  For example, Barry van Deventer baptized our daughter Jennifer as a baby, and he was also responsible for me going to seminary, so I am buying a chair in his memory. Walter Hickman was the pastor at Yeamans Park when I joined the church, so I am buying a chair in his memory.  We all have special people in the presbytery who have had an impact on our faith journey. We will have a special board listing all the honorariums and memorials. Please send your check to the presbytery office with the name/names of the person you are honoring. Thank you for your participation.        

 BLESSINGS, Mike Fitze, Park Circle Commission, chair


Clerk of Session Message

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