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posted Feb 13, 2021, 1:27 PM by YPPC Admin   [ updated Mar 4, 2021, 6:20 PM ]



 PNCs in the time of COVID and social unrest.  Previously I’ve written about how your PNC has been using technology to its advantage when searching for YPPC’s next pastor and it was all very positive.  We see sermons delivered not written out and are able to learn a lot more about candidates through Facebook, Twitter and other online sites.  But there is a negative side to a PNC searching in such a time as this.  In fact many PNCs have stopped working but not ours. The YPPC PNC continues to meet every Wednesday via ZOOM.   Some churches have seen a steep decline in income but our financial situation remains strong due to the commitment of our congregation.  Some candidates who had submitted their Personal Information Form prior to these abnormal and uncertain times have had second thoughts about making a change.  Are they really ready to uproot their families and leave their congregations in a time when stability and a sense of normalcy are so important? 

 So far the YPPC PNC has reviewed over 130 Personal Information Forms.  And you may be wondering why we haven’t found someone in that group?  It all comes down to fit and money and who’s available.  Who is the right person for YPPC that we can afford, who is available and willing to change jobs?  And so we actively wait for God to reveal his choice.

 Waiting is one of God’s favorite ways to get our attention.  But this time of waiting is not a time to be wasted.  If you search the Bible, you will find lots of people who waited for God’s promises to be revealed to them: Abraham and Sarah, Noah, David, Daniel, Paul, Joseph, and Moses among others.  Even Jesus waited for God.  It’s how we use this time of waiting that is most important.  Should we be using this time to do some physical work in preparation for a new pastor?  Should we be using this time to stay close to God and be faithful in prayer?  Should we be using this time to care for the people around us and to practice being aware and alert and noticing God’s presence?  Yes, it’s a time to be patient and loving and present.  We have much to do as we actively wait for God.  When we surrender ourselves to God and realize that this is all part of the larger story, the wait is not wasted.

 “Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14 (NIV)

The Lord enters the journey of those who wait. May we continue to trust Him as He reveals Himself along the way.


PNC Moderator